Thursday, April 14, 2011

Favorite Manga Recap 16-2

We are almost to number one, so I thought I'd quickly recap what got us here.
            Don't be fooled by the concept of Sumire keeping Takeshi as her pet.  For 
            her he's simply the  replacement for a dog, There is a enough romance and 
            comedy in this story to keep it interesting through all 14 volumes.
            Like many shonen manga (boy comics) Rave goes from one arc to the next, 
            each with its own major villain all leading up to one final boss.  Unlike many 
            series though, this one does not  seem to drag, and each arc does further 
             the main plot.
           Since the only goal at the beginning is to find Sakura's feathers, the story is 
           at first broken into mini-arcs that have little connectivity.  For this series, 
           this method works well as darker, heavier arcs are often followed by lighter, 
           funnier ones to keep you on your toes and prevent the story from being too 
            It's a great story of a high school life and love, following them through their 
            relationships, not just with each other but their friends as well.  You really 
           get to know and like the whole group and the ending (which takes place ~16 
           years later) gives you an insight into all of them.
            This falls into the category of a magical girl series (ie. it's about a girl who 
             transforms to fight evil) and like all good magical girl series, it still manages 
             to be unique and entertaining. Also, as with many of Arina Tanemura's 
             series, there is a full resolution to the story (something frequently lacking in 
            many Japanese stories).
           This is a cute story that touches on (but never dwells to long) in the darker 
           aspects of the family's drama.  You become invests in the characters and 
           hope that not only does the curse break, but they they are able to be happy.
          You would think that a manga where one of the main characters is a ghost 
          would be more supernatural, but this is one of the most realistic stories I've 
          ever read.  I knew nothing about Go before I started (and little more now) but  
          ate the story up.
          Its another quest story, as they are searching for the greatest innocence, but 
         the story is darker and often more series than a lot of other shonen manga.  
         There is sadness and drama as well as action.
           There are dark moments in the story as we are dealing with up and coming 
           stars who will sometimes stop at nothing to get what they want, but we also 
           have Kyoko's insecurities and vengeful nature that make from some great 
          comedy and heartwarming moments as well.
           This is such a great story, with a large cast of characters, so often you get 
           to know more of whats going on because you are not just stuck with the 
           main character the whole time, but even though you see what the villains are 
           doing, the deeper meaning is still a mystery.
           This is a complex story that, at times might be confusing, its also rather
           slow to start, taking the first three volumes to build up the basis for the
          whole rest of the story.  If you stick with it thought, you'll find a story with
          lots of depth, with a cast of characters you really get to know and care
          about, learning about their past as well as their present.
         Don't be fooled by the initial premise, while Hatsumi may agree to be Ryoki's 
         sex slave, there is no actual sex slaving going on. have a soft spot in my
         heart for characters like Ryoki, who aren't sure how to express positive
         emotions, and struggle to show the girl they love how they feel.
         So much of this series is the dramas of their relationship.  But all that drama 
        just makes you hope more and more that these two can make it work and
        figure out how to be together, because through all their differences they really
        love each other.
       The story in the manga is perhaps darker and sadder in a lot of ways than the 
      anime, and there is also more connection and character back stories.If you are 
       interested in Japanese pop idols, this story might be interesting to you.  If you 
      are like a cute romance, this one might also be for you.
       I absolutly adore this story.  Sakura is a very likeable character and Li-kun is 
      my favorite character in all of manga.  Clamp does a wonderful job of weaving a 
      story of adventure and growth and young love around Sakura and her 
      adventures to get the cards.

So, what will number 1 be?  Well I will let you know on Saturday.  but I'll give you two hints until then.  It's a shojo title and it was my very first.  If you know manga, that might just be a giveaway there.

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