Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back on schedule...sort of

This has been a tough couple of weeks for me...heck a tough couple of months.  Last week I thought things were heading back to normal and then more bad news came out of left field.  For now things are better though, and I'm back on schedule...sort of, since I'm going to offset everything by a day this week, and hopefully nothing will happen this time to put it on hold again. 

Next week will be the end of my manga countdown, so on Monday I'll do a recap of 14-2, and then Friday will be number 1.  The week after that I will reevaluate my blog schedule.  I may go down to a guaranteed 3 posts a week, so that I can focus more on reading. 

For those waiting for the announcement of who won my Amazon giveaway, I will be announcing it tomorrow.

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