Friday, March 4, 2011

Favorite Manga #9: D. Gray-man

15 year old Allen's left arm is an innocence, a weapon used to kill Akuma (monsters), and his left eye can see through their disguises (as they often try and pass themselves off as normal humans).  He teams up with the Black Order, an order of exorcists, to fight the Earl, a villain bent on using the Akuma to destroy earth.  Both sides are in search of the greatest innocence which will assure their side's victory.

Allen: Allen was abandoned by his parents as a child and after his adoptive father dies he's trained by Cross Marian before finally being sent to the Black Order.  He's a warm-hearted quite character, but powerful and desires to use his powers to make the world a better place.  Often his character is sad and withdrawn, but considering the world he's in and his past its understandable.  He's the kind of hero that is worth rooting for. 

Kanda: Another exorcist, he is Allen's rival.  The two are often at odds and arguing.  Kanda often comes across distant and cold, but he's that moody guy that readers (including myself) like. 

Lanalee: When Allen showed up at the Black Order, Lanalee was already a member.  Her parents died when she was very young, and now her only family member his her older brother, who's a  member of the order, but not an exorcist like her.  Her world consists of her friends and family and she feels deeply about them.  She's a strong fighter on the team. 

Lavi: While he's an exorcist, Lavi can never forget that his rule job is as a Bookman, someone who records the history of the world and he's with the Black Order so he can record what is going on.  He's a cheerful character and often comedic in his behavior, though he can be series.

***This is an ongoing series in Japan with more than 21 volumes.  I have currently read 15 volumes, but it was enough to allow this series to make my list***

I originally avoided this series.  After seeing the cover of the first volume with Allen and the Earl I was sure that it was more comedic than I enjoy; I prefer manga with stories rather than just blatant comedy, and I figured with a character that looked like the Earl it would probably be lacking in story.  I also thought a friend of mine had recommended against it.  Then our local Suncoast was going out of business and on their final day they had all the manga listed at 90% off.  Seriously, how could I not by every title that they had that i didn't when I was paying only $1.00 a volume.  I got a good starting chunk of D. Gray-man there, and when I finally read it a few weeks later, I found that everything I had thought about this manga was wrong.  Their was some comedy in there but it was not overwhelming or really even frequent. 

While I have read less of this series than others that I have already mentioned one of the reasons that this one made it higher is the story.  Its another quest story, as they are searching for the greatest innocence, but the story is darker and often more series than a lot of other shonen manga.  There is sadness and drama as well as action.  The Earl looks like a comical villain but it doesn't lessen the impact of the story.  I think this is a story well worth taking your time to read.


I really enjoyed the art in this series.  I would give it a five out of five.  I love the character design, and the action scenes are well done.

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  1. i like the anime's design-- i wanted to watch this but when it was aired in our local channels I had classes, or I didnt know the airing time.. I suppose its a good anime. ha ha following you... please follow me too

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