Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Top 5 things about Halloween

I love fall and I love Halloween, so what are my favorite things about Halloween?
5. Dolloween...ok, no one outside of my small group of doll collectors in Michigan has ever heard about it, but when I think of Halloween it is always associated with what we called Dalloween.  A Halloween party by all of the Michigan ball-joined doll collectors, where we all brought all of our dolls, the only time of year you'd ever see that many dolls in one place at one time.. 

4. The Candy.  I mean, really, who doesn't love the Halloween candy?  I don't go Trick-or-treating anymore, because I'm too old, and I don't pass out candy because I live in an apartment with a locked security door, but I work at a grocery store and get to eat lots of candy during our Halloween events.

3. Which leads directly into my next favorite thing about Halloween...Trick-or-treating.  I use to love getting dressed up and going around the neighborhood with my friends, and not just for the candy, but the whole experience.  As I got older, I loved being on the other end of that experience, being the one passing out the candy.

2.  The costumes.  The cool looks that others come up with , the chance to be someone else for a brief moment, its what Halloween is all about.

1. my absolute favorite thing about Halloween, though, are the pumpkins.  I love carving them (one year my roommate and I carved about 10-15 of various sizes) and I love seeing what others are able to do with them, especially those who can sculpt the flesh of a pumpkin into things I never knew a pumpkin could be...

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