Sunday, October 2, 2011

Collection of Ball-Jointed Dolls

Another contest on Princess Bookie's blog.  This time you write about what you collect and why. 
Well, I do love to collect books and manga of course, and I have tons of them.
 The one thing that I really love to collect though, is Asian Ball Jointed Dolls.  I adore all of mine, and often wonder where I can get money to buy more.  
Here are a few pictures of my collection:

cause this is a book blog, how about a doll in front of a book (cause my little vampire looked cute in front of it)

Trying to help me get money for more dolls and

some of my dolls and some of my manga

a large part of my collection

just cause he's

Yeah, I love my collection of dolls.


  1. Most of my dolls are from Korea, but a few of them are from Volks, which is located in Japan. Volks originated this style of dolls.