Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Favorite Cover of the Week

This week, I decide to go with R.J. Anderson's Knife (Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter) as my favorite cover of the week. 

This is the UK cover of the book, and while I like the American cover OK (it is the version I own, after all) I love the spunkiness of the faery on this cover, as well as the colors.  I also think this cover matches the character in the book more, since you really get the impression that she is tiny as opposed to human sized, which today is less common in stories about faeries, but is key to this one.  This little faery really stands out and draws the eye in.  I think I will be buying the remaining books in this series with these covers, and may eventually go back and replace my first book as well. 

This is the American version of the cover:


  1. I love the Uk cover too, Have these on my shelf. They've been there about a year but I still haven't read them!!! Need to get a move on. :D

  2. Uhm... can anyone say Brian Froud?!
    I love that cover... must... find... that cover...

  3. I think I like the UK cover more too. I like the color contrast. It catches my eye. :) Although the American cover is nice looking too. :) Thanks for the covers!

    I'm stopping by from the hop, thank you for stopping by the blog. :)

    I have to say there is a lot of great sounding books here I've never heard of. Thank you!