Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Shelf Tour

I have decided to take a break from my normally scheduled posts, to do a book shelf Tour.  I thought about adding it on top of the reviews, but this made more sense to me. This is really picture heavy.

First, the mass market paperbacks. 

Then there's the larger paperbacks and a few smaller hardcovers:

 The books on the top of this bookshelf are the last of the midsize books.  The books on the shelf are the first of my two TBR pile shelves:
 The start of my hardcover books:

The last of my hardcovers (on top shelf) and my 2nd TBR pile:
And, what probably makes the bulk of my books, my manga:

And since my bookshelves normally don't actually hold just books, one shot of what it really looks like:


  1. +JMJ+

    That's a jaw-dropping Manga collection!

    *insert stupefied emoticon here*

    What I really want to remark on, however, are your mass market paperbacks. I've never seen that way of shelving them--piled in columns and turned at a forty-five degree angle--before. I don't think I'll be trying it myself, as the old fashioned ninety-degree angle is my true love; but I do see how it lets you maximise your space. =)

  2. I'm not even sure that's *all* of Jen's manga collection... I swear there's more of it...

  3. OMG you are an INSANE book collector! I recently posted a picture of my bookshelves, but you put me to shame!! :-) Awesome!!!

  4. wow thats a lot of manga for one person :D
    I'm impressed

  5. Oh my god your manga collection is incredible! 8O I really can't believe how many you have. I ususally borrow mangas because I feel personaly that they cost way to much for the amount of time it takes me to read one. I only buy my favorites like One Piece but wow. I wish I could browse through your shelves!