Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blog Schedule

First, I would like to thank everyone who's stuck with with this blog though it has sadly been lacking in reviews.  I'm really new to this and underestimated things a bit.  Thus, I've spent the last couple of weeks working out a schedule and writing some of the reviews to fit  into that schedule. 

So, this is what you will be finding on my blog, at least for the next two months:
           Mondays: Manga Recommendations
           Tuesdays: Book Reviews
           Wednesday: Favorite Cover of the week (which was previously being done on Thursdays)
          Thursday: Book Review
          Friday: Manga Recommendations

Manga Recommendations:
     Starting tomorrow (Monday afternoon) I am going to be counting down my top 16 manga series.  Originally I was planning on doing my top ten because I thought I couldn't narrow it down to five, but as it turns out I couldn't narrow it down to ten either.  After the 8 weeks it will take to count down from 16 to 1, I will be doing manga reviews and recommendations at random, unless there is a title that someone would like to see reviewed.  I will post a list on my blog of what I have, if anyone wants to see it, or I can email it to them...I currently have 200 titles that I could do recommendations on, and another 80 titles that I could do a review of the first volume or two. 

Book Reviews:
    My book reviews are going to fall into one of four categories, which will be mixed together at random:
               Recently Read: a book I've finished in the last few weeks.
               Childhood Favorites:  a book that I loved when I was a kid.
               Personal Favorites:  a book that I really enjoyed that I've read in the last few years.
               Underrated books:  Books I've read that have less than 1000 reviews on goodreads.

By no means does this mean I won't make other posts on my blog, such as giveaways or a bookshelf tour (which I will hopefully do this week or next).  It just means that I will be making at least these posts every week.    Also, while some of the reviews are already written, by no means are these the only reviews I'll post. 

I hope that with this schedule, this blog will finally become what I originally hoped it to be, and if I fall behind, I have this little devil to remind me to keep
(ok, maybe I just hate having a post without a

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