Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Joy of Alphabetizing

I'm sure this is something that many of you have had to deal with as well...the joy of alphabetizing your books. 

I adore my book collection.  Almost every book I get, I keep unless I truly dislike it and/or see no value in it for my future children (If you've read my Peter and the Starcatchers review you may have seen I hate Peter Pan, but I kept my copy of it, because it is a classic).  When it comes to storing them, i can't bare to have any of them locked away in boxes, which can definitely be a challenge living in an apartment, with limited space for bookshelves.  One thing I've done to help maximize my usage of space, is to divide my books into three sizes, Trade Paperbacks, Traditional hardcover, and then those that fall midway between these sizes, which includes most of the children and teen books.  Then, when putting the books on the shelves, I pile them on their sides to make maximize the use of space.

Now, this post is not about shelf organizing, but Alphabetizing, which has always been my favorite task. This love of alphabetizing was truly cemented in my a few years back when I was the librarian for my university's anime club, which meant I kept the fan-subs of everything the club owned, so I constantly got to organize that.  Now all that I have left to organize and alphabetize is my book collection and my manga collection.  This is no small task; with nearly 600 books and over 1000 manga it can take me hours just to get them all in the right order, and then there's putting them on the shelves (or in their piles, since there simply are not enough shelves for my manga...)

Because it can be such a monumental task, I often wait until the new books and those that were removed from the shelf overcrowd the living room before I decided to reorganize.  Today was a day for reorganizing.  Over the summer I went to my parents and finally took the books that I had left when I moved ten years ago, and those combined with my new books and others that ended up off their shelves has truly become overwhelming.  Now, who among you is surprised that, even though I enjoy alphabetizing, I have chosen to avoid it by instead blogging about it? 

A sample of what I need to work into the rest of the books!


  1. Like you, I'm a nut for alphabetizing novels. My favorite thing is finishing a book and then being able to slide it neatly onto a shelf in the right order. That being said, my bookshelf broke and I've been shelfless for a few months now. I'm going to be getting a custom bookshelf made to fit into a closet that is acting as a place holder right now and I can't wait!

    Good luck getting organized!

  2. Woah! Awesome book collection...but that is going to take ages. It'll be worth it when you're done, though.

  3. Tina... that picture doesn't even show a millionth of it XD You should see the Manga collection, which at this point is pretty much working as an extra wall... and then there are the other books... the bookshelves... the ones hidden away in nooks and crannies of couches and chairs, the ones tucked in with the dinner plates, filed away with the spoons... the ones holding the cats down by their tails, or sitting on the back of the toilet... the ones in plastic baggies in the shower, propped open to pages unread, the ones tucked under pillows, shoved between mattresses, hanging in the closets on hangers where once there were clothes...

    ok... maybe I exaggerated a bit... but really, that picture doesn't even show the tip of that iceberg XD

  4. I beleive that Heather is vastly exagerating. I have never had a book in the shower unless I am in their with it, thank you very much! LOL...but she isn't lying about the manga looking more like a 2nd wall, as most of those piles are hip high...

  5. You and your books take showers together, huh?


  6. Hey, on rare occasion a book is just too good to put down. I know it frustrates Kyle to know end. Keeps yelling at me for reading while walking through the parking lot at work, or in the shower, or in bed...