Monday, December 6, 2010

Manga Means Merry (Christmas) Giveaway

The Holidays are taking up a lot of my time as I stress over and search the internet for gifts for the 20+ members of my family that I insist on buying for.  I'm so sorry that this has kept me from my blog, and adding some of the reviews I've hand written.  But, though it may be a couple days later, I am finally posting my "Manga Means Merry (Christmas) Giveaway".

This Giveaway is INTERNATIONAL

So, I'm going to be giving away two price packs in this one:
Prize 1: Fruits Basket 1st Bite, Time Stranger Kyoko V1, We Were There V1,  and a few extra items will be thrown in (including my usually "reader companion" once I pick him out)
Fruits Basket 1st bite is a reissue of the first Volume of Fruits Basket, with a new cover and a few bonus character info pages in the back.
These three are all manga I enjoy quite a bit, and I will be reviewing them in the next few days. Time Stranger Kyoko is even by my favorite manga-ka of all time, and at 3 volumes, there won't be many for you to buy if you like it.

 Prize 2: Any Japanese Manga you would like, to be shipped from the Book Depository. 
If you need some suggestions, here are a couple more of my favorites:

To Enter all you have to do is fill out this FORM
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           Giveaway ends 12/31
           You can enter once a day
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  1. Oh My Gosh!!!! This is the first manga giveaway I've seen. Thanks for such a wondeful contest (I really hope I win I love Fruits Basket, actually I just love mangas!) ^_^

    Nice Suggestions (Ouran High Rocks).

  2. Thank you for the manga giveaway! It's very rare!

  3. Is We Were There a good read? :)
    The covers (like the one for vol. 4) are so adorable I want to read this manga just because of that :D

  4. thank you for the awesome contest!! i'm curious about the 'reader companion' :)

  5. what a wonderful giveaway!!a manga, and this is just great because I'm a manga fun;)