Saturday, January 22, 2011

Movie Review: The Green Hornet

Britt Reid spent his whole adult life partying, and things were set to continue that way even after his father's death, until he met his father's mechanic, Kato.  The two bond over their complaints about Britt's father and decide, while drunk, to vandalize the man's grave.  While doing so, they see a couple being attacked by a group of thugs and save them, which leads the pair to the idea of becoming heroes, while everyone thinks they are villains.  So, the pair set out to make a name for themselves using the newspaper Britt inherited from his father to help, drawing the attention of the cities big bad guy.  Battling this villain will help Britt come to terms with what he really wants to do, and what it means to be a hero. 


Britt: One of those annoying guys, who party too much, think that every girl wants him and doesn't know when to stop.  This is not like the Britt from the old TV show, but it works.  He's annoying and you want him to grow up, and he does.

Kato: I LOVED Kato in this movie.  He was cute and had all the best lines, and boy could he fight.  He is what truly made me love this movie.

I thought this movie unfolded nicely.  It was vastly different from the TV series, but it made sense and it worked well.  If you are a fan of super heroes and super hero movies this one won't disappoint.  Its enjoyable for both fans of the original, like my boyfriend, and newbies, like me.

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