Friday, November 26, 2010

Update on Borders

A couple of days ago I posted on my frustration with Borders because I lost out on my rewards bucks simply because the website wouldn't load, and then they sent out a blanket email that sounded like a brush off.

I am HAPPY to say that while I was out doing my black Friday shopping I finally received an email response to the complaint that I filed on the site that night.  They were apologetic and said that the site went through some maintenance (when their earlier email appeared to blame too many customers).  They did give me back my rewards bucks (with an expiration date of 11/3) and told me to replace the order.  I placed my order earlier today, and I'm happy to report as you would expect an online store to.  I had no problems redeeming my Borders Bucks this time, and I'm now happily awaiting my book (A Tale Dark and Grimm). 

I feel a bit sad for those customers who didn't contact Borders if they were unable to redeem their points, because I do not believe they will get them back, but for me Borders remedied the situation relatively quickly and to my satisfaction.  While I may still look at Amazon and Barnes & Noble first (to save on paying shipping costs) I will not avoid the Borders website as I thought I might.  For those who upgraded to the Borders Plus Card (something I would consider doing if I had a closer physical store) I do recommend giving the site another chance, but maybe be cautious, and make sure you let them know if there is a problem.  Hopefully they'll be as helpful to you as they were to me.

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